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    Our digital world produces tons of data, and Talend helps companies draw insights from it. Its Data Fabric platform gets disparate programs -- such as those for analytics, payments, and cybersecurity -- to all play nicely together. Data analysis is becoming more critical than ever for companies to stay competitive. As businesses operations continue to move online, software integration is becoming a huge pain point that Talend is successfully addressing.

    Talend is an open source software integration platform helps in effortlessly turning the data into business insights. It provides various software and services for data integration, data management, enterprise application integration, data quality, cloud storage and Big Data.

    Talend is considered to be the next generation leader in the cloud and Big Data integration software. It helps companies in taking real-time decisions and become more data-driven. Using Talend, data becomes more accessible, its quality enhances and it can be moved quickly to the target systems.

    Our Talend CoE services spans wide across in the area of consulting, technology, content, and knowledge management.

    Data Quality:
    • Accurate, current and consistent data is the heart of a successful IT solution and a successful business.
    • Our solutions has the skills, methods and experience to solve our customer’s data quality issues.
    Data Migration:
    • The ability to fully understand our customer’s data, together with a proven approach are key to a successful migration. Our team have extensive experience of large-scale complex data migrations.

    Data Integration:
    • The ability to gather, combine and process data from multiple, diverse sources can realise our customer’s business initiatives.
    • Our solutions has an enviable proven track-record of data integration project successes.
    Big Data:
    • The massive amount of information collected by organizations today are becoming a valuable asset in gaining competitive advantage.
    • Our initiative as an early adopter of the Talend Platform for Big Data is gaining momentum and receiving acceptance and accolades from customers.

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