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    Sports industry is one of the largest industries globally, not only in terms of employment and revenue but as a contributor to large data ecosphere. It is one of such industries where every action counts as a transaction.

    Agencies and sponsors are closely monitoring games, athletes progressions and business growth from every bit of data which have been collected and captured to drive planning, decisions, execution, management, measurement, and learning. Agencies demand more robust and easily scalable ecosystem to establish analytics blueprint and key performance indicators.

    ‘On The Field’ analytics helps in improving performance of the team/players in the game and also helps team managers/coaches/teams/individuals build strategy around it.

    ‘Off The Field’ analytics gives deep insights of the business to the sports organization which helps in focusing on the business growth as in to increase tickets and merchandise sales, improve spectator engagements etc.

    Datopic empowers agencies to achieve automation, follow best practices to collect data and bring data to centralized data lake, develop infrastructure to ensure on-demand data accessibility and data privacy and compliance, convert raw data into meaningful information, analyse historical data about team and player statistics, assist agencies to evaluate initiative effectiveness, personalized data-driven strategies, better understand customer priorities and preferences, increase performance and manage risk.

    • Customer Relationship Management and Spectator Engagement
    • Consistently monitoring key decision-makings
    • Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics
    • Data-Driven Performance Storytelling
    • Digital Marketing Analytics
    • Participant Analytics
    • Ticketing Analytics
    • Talent Analytics
    • Game Analytics

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