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    Digital transformation is quickly changing the pattern business is being delivered today. The key technologies playing a key role in this mode of delivery are cloud and analytics. Snowflake is the first self-managed SQL Datawarehouse that is built for cloud. It provides complete relational database support for both structured and semi-structured data (JSON, Avro, XML), and implements comprehensive support for the SQL language. Snowflake provides broad level of support for ETL and BI tools, and enables developers to build modern data applications. All the data can be stored in a single place using Snowflake, and computation can be sized independently. For an instance, if bulk NRT (Near Real Time) data loads for complex computations, but the reporting has relatively lesser complex queries. Here Snowflake warehouse can be scaled up for the data load only and scale it back down after it’s completed – all in real time. It undoubtfully saves the cost of the solution without any performance lag. It is delivered as a turn-key cloud service that handles all aspects of

    • Software configuration
    • Authentication
    • Resource Management
    • Data Protection
    • Availability
    • Optimization


    • Zero Management
    • Auto Tuning
    • Data Sharing
    • Inbuilt Security
    • Concurrency
    • Pay per use


    Datopic automates bulk data loading from multiple database sources (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL, Cassandra and more) to Snowflake. With this automated solution we can avoid the heavy lifting of manually extracting data, transferring via API/script, chopping, staging, and importing. Our consultants are helping organizations to get liberated from costly legacy databases by show casing the innovation on Snowflake and to utilize compute power of Snowflake while executing complex queries to pull the data from S3, Azure Blob & other data sources.

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