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    Product Engineering

    A holistic approach in creating tomorrow’s future.


    The technology is transforming at a rapid pace and if organisations do not transform themselves with the same pace they will fall short in the race. However, many companies hesitates to explore new technologies, as they do not have the required experience and on other hand getting a new engineering team with new technologies need lot of efforts. As soon as the new technology hits the market, it generates challenges and slowdown the existing pace, it’s very discouraging that the most enthusiast enterprises could not create their mark in this new technology.

    Product engineering services are aimed to develop a technologically-enabled system that can be immediately put to use for the betterment of business. Product engineering service allows the usage of emerging technologies to implement best-in-class features and functionalities in the system with quick turnaround time.

    The demand for product engineering services and solution is growing at an unprecedented pace. Enterprises wish to focus their energy on enhancing core business instead of investing extra time and money on creating a new team for building a high-tech system.

    We at Datopic are helping technology-intensive companies across various industries to aim right approach with right technologies each time when it comes to leveraging emerging technologies to build outstanding products.

    Datopic uses its deep engineering expertise to help companies across several industries transform their products or do the same for their customers. There are three foundational elements that have underpinned our approach:

    Engineering – developing products and platforms is a unique proposition including unparalleled scale and unknown user base that help our clients to build a sustainable driving force in today’s competitive world.. With a concise focus on technical management, we are at the forefront of embracing distributed agile, DevOps and CloudOps.

    Disruptive Technologies – a successful transformation needs disruptive technologies to create solutions for tomorrow. We have expertise across the various vertical of disruptive technologies including but not limited to Mobility, AI, Analytics, IoT and Security. This helps us in offering a comprehensive value proposition to our clients, in addition to a significant time and effort in identifying and building capabilities.

    Digital Transformation – achieving a digital transformation requires best customer experience at the core of what you do. Our experience in mobility, analytics and IoT allow us to fuse machine generated data with human insights to help in developing products.




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