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    In today’s era of education, every educational institution has outlined their inspiring strategic plan with unique leadership, embraced staff and has a reputation to hold courageous innovation to ensure that each student’s needs are met and they reach to fullest potential.

    With the rise in automation systems like LMS (Learning Management System), VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), SIS (Student Information System) etc., the education world is sitting on a huge data heap. The institutions are now looking forward to intense utilization of these data to enhance existing capabilities and craft their students' well for this competitive world.

    Datopic has worked closely with some of the reputed educational institutions across the globe to deliver analytical solutions. The solution that can improve the ROI of institutions dramatically and can give a better focused controlled environment to carve the right learning path for students. The solution empowers administrators and educators to acquire knowledge and deep insights of entire routine to enable quality education and equitable support required to succeed in the 21st century.

    Datopic with its comprehensive analytical offerings is bringing a positive change to all the stakeholders in the ecosystem:

    • Drive connectedness of data and decision-making
    • Cultivate a data-driven culture
    • Early warning and intervention
    • Career readiness
    • Decision analytics
    • Informative, intuitive and secured dashboards available to parents
    • Elastically scalable and sustainable cloud based infrastructure
    • Source systems interoperability and preserving data quality and data integrity
    • Descriptive and predictive workflows with embedded insights for stakeholders
    • Learning from Social emotions
    • Personalized learning
    • Comprehensive Data Management and Analytics Solution
    • Getting insights to maximize the profits
    • Financial forecasting & planning basis last year utilization.
    • Analyses the curriculum and instructor development.
    • Per pupil spending, budget monitoring, expenditures, revenue, and other financial reporting
    • Better completion rates by spotting at-risk learner early and effective intervention by the trainer
    • Predicting students behaviour & mindset and guide them through for better growth.

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