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    DevOps represents a collaborative approach to task performed by software development and IT team. Relatively new term/approach, it's a group of concepts that have gained acceptance and rapidly spreading throughout the technical community. DevOps helps to increase an organization's speed to deliver applications and services. It allows organizations to serve their customers better and compete more strongly in the market. Adopting DevOps practices, shorten your time to delivery by working in smaller batches, using more automation, hardening the release, improving the telemetry and deploying more frequently. The more frequently you deploy, the more you can experiment, the more opportunity for improvements.

    Datopic uses DevOps approach with Agile development, IT services management, project management and other strategies to execute projects to meet business need. We manage client instances and Development operations, help clients in developing DevOps, build pipelines, execute them and monitor that too, perform Hadoop Administration etc.

    • Improved and increased communications between development and operations.
    • Accomplish the whole software delivery pipeline (through builds, validations, and deployment) with every feature/module completion.
    • Automation within the delivery pipeline.
    • Streamlining development processes by making development teams aware of possible issues that may appear in operation stage.

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