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    Data Migration

    "Wherever you create data, it tends to stay there, because it's such a pain to move it"
    - Charles Zedlewski, VP products (Cloudera)

    With ever-growing enterprise data and complex processes, there is inevident paradigm shift in platforms that host data storage. Customers look towards cost-effective solutions to manage and consume this humongous amount of data. Cloud-based services are becoming more and more preferred and reliable option to the challenges that traditional data management is facing today.

    • Significantly high total cost of ownership
    • Appliance failing with velocity and volume
    • Appliance failing with variety
    • Running on extended support
    • Appliance soon reaching end of life

    This brings us to another aspect of challenge to move the data and related processes from traditional setup to new-age solutions, considering the variety and velocity it is growing, maintaining the integrity of data at the end of the day. Organizations are looking forward to migrate their data infrastructure, with minimum downtime and a quick turnaround time.

    Datopic helps customers engage towards innovative solutions to assist them at migration from a high-cost data warehouse platform to a low cost, high-performance cloud-based platform, a solution empowered with competent big data technologies.

    With growing big data applications, their data and application migration from an existing Apache Hadoop installation requires careful orchestration and planning to ensure success with little business disruption. Datopic has extensive experience in seamlessly executing the workload migrations involving more than 500 TBs of data.

    Best Practices
    • Pre-migration Planning
    • Landscape Analysis
    • Build & Test
    • Solution Design
    • Execute & Validate
    • Promotion Strategy
    • Performance Benchmarks
    • Decommission & Monitoring

    • Minimal Downtime
    • Quick Turnaround
    • High Degree of Data Integrity

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