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    Cloud computing offers responsiveness, cost-efficiency and scalability and that is one of the major reasons why organizations are embracing cloud. The transformation to a cloud environment has a tremendous impact on the way services are delivered to business users and the way IT organizations operate.

    Cloud computing provides the following advantages :

    • Standardized, IT-based ability
    • Pay-per-use
    • Scalability
    • Flexible access models

    Key business challenges to successful cloud adoption include the following :

    • Strategic balancing of on-demand cloud computing-based solutions v/s fiscal realities of current infrastructure costs, capabilities and lifespan.
    • Assessing the specialized capacities or limitations and related business requirements attached to public, hybrid or private cloud solutions.
    • Managing vulnerabilities in cloud data systems leading to potential fraud, revenue loss and/or data security risks.
    • In order to efficiently implement cloud solutions, availability of the required skills and resources is ensured.
    • Meeting complex compliance requirements and government regulations around accessing, sharing and storing data.
    • Developing an organizational change strategy in support of, and aligned with, cloud adoption.
    • Building a comprehensive migration strategy to guarantee maximum business value, including direction on what workloads to migrate to which kind of cloud computing and for what sort of expense and administration level or support model.

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