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    |  Oct 16,2018
    With India’s massive online population growth, the e-ticketing systems supporting India Rail faced a major challenge with scale. At a recent forum in India, the team responsible for the applications explained how they overcame the scale and other issues with Pivotal GemFire, tripling application throughput. With a country-wide responsibility for making e-ticketing work for its citizens, India Rail relies on Pivotal GemFire to help them address the future as internet users increase, new applications connect, and functionality expands to support consumers.

    According to McKinsey, India is moving from 120 million online users in 2013 to 330 million users in 2015. With the growth, India’s e-ticketing demand for rail travel has increased exponentially—from just a few hundred tickets to 500 thousand tickets per day. CRIS, India Railway’s Centre for Railway Information Systems, worked with Pivotal to scale their system.

    The environment initially needed support for :

    – 120,000+ concurrent sessions during peak time
    – 30+ million registered users
    – 700 thousand bookings per day
    – 30 million queries per day
    – 600+ million Rupees of revenue per day

    Evaluating a variety of options, CRIS IT leaders chose Pivotal GemFire 8, part of Pivotal Big Data Suite. GemFire’s distributed, in-memory, shared-nothing architecture manages CRIS application data across many nodes—load balancing, high availability, and scale-out capabilities are built in. The resulting system was tested for a month and then officially launched in July 2014. The system has improved the stats significantly, with the load limit rising to 10000 from 2000 per minute. Time taken to book a ticket has come down considerably and the user authorization is done from in-memory data.

    With Pivotal GemFire in place, the following performance improvements were attained:

    – 120,000 concurrent users can book e-tickets simultaneously—a 300% improvement
    – Bookings increased by 500% in the first 10 minutes of running GemFire underneath Tatkal, a short-notice booking application.
    – E-ticket sales have grown significantly overall, especially for Tatkal
    – Response time has seen a major improvement, entering the sub-second response time
    – Wide variations in user access patterns are handled without concern for SLAs or downtime
    – Per minute booking capacity increased by 5 times to 10,000 transactions per minute

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