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    |  Oct 16,2018
    Hortonworks product “Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1” or “HDP” recently have gained lots of Buzz and claimed thousands of download in very short tenure. Being as the only available choice on Windows that allows to setup whole Hadoop clusters, companies are in race to opt and evaluate this for their Big Data claimed application.

    Microsoft and Hortonworks along with Open Source communities have contributed different solutions to setup Hadoop on Windows environment

    1. Hadoop using Cygwin

    Hadoop using Cygwin allows to create Hadoop cluster on Windows. Please visit for setup details. Most important the steps allow environment replication of Hadoop on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server editions.

    2. Hadoop using Maven

    Hadoop version 2.2 onwards includes native support for Windows. The official Apache Hadoop releases do not include Windows binaries (yet, as of January 2014) however allows building Windows package using maven. Visit for similar information and insights. The steps allow environment replication of Hadoop on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server editions.

    3. HDInsight Emulator

    Provided by Microsoft with an intent to allow Azure users to learn and play with developing HDInsight solutions on Azure. As an emulator it provides local development environment and limited to install at Single Node only. Also, allow data storage/collection to and from BLOB storage.  For details visit

    4. HDInsight Services

    Apache Hadoop based cloud service offers production setup along with all cloud benefits. For insights visit or

    5. Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)

    Offering from Hortonworks, enable organizations to setup on premise clusters to do Hadoop. For quick assistance visit

    Visit us at datopic, share your business ideas or connect to join datopic ride on data science and cloud and take deep dive into big data solutions.

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