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    |  Oct 17,2018

    The most awaiting feature for Windows user is now available. Since long Windows teams or Hybrid teams have to put-in lots of effort and time to make Linux tools to work on Windows. Microsoft had introduced a feature known as “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” which provides bash environment on windows and enables to:

    • Run common command-line utilities such as grep, sed, and awk
    • Navigate the file system using these commands
    • Run Bash shell scripts which rely on supported command-line utilities

    To install follow following steps:


    • PC must be running a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Anniversary Update build 14393 or later


    • Turn on the Developer Mode from:
      • Start -> search for “Settings” -> Open Settings -> GOTO Update and Security -> For developers -> Select the Developer Mode radio button
    • Enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature (GUI) from: Start -> search for “Turn Windows features on or off” -> Select Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta) -> Click OK
    • Restart the System
    • Run Bash on Windows -> Open a command prompt -> Run bash
    • The first time we install Bash on Windows, we will be prompted to create a UNIX username and password. This UNIX username and password can be different from, and has no relationship to our Windows username and password.

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