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    |  Oct 17,2018

    It’s the beautiful morning of summers when there was a sudden realization that due to someone best efforts now you can’t access your online accounts or your laptop or your bank account details or your emails.

    Terrifying! Am I hacked?

    In today’s digital era our life revolves around passwords. They make us feel safe but computer passwords have had a bad history and proven as a weak and easy access of confidential information by hacking them simply.

    Historical records got enough evidences that shown, relying solely on passwords to secure important or highly confidential information is a big risk for any business or individuals. Passwords on their own are not as infallible as we feel them to be. Progression of technology allows attackers to test billions of passwords combination within a second.

    Considering, acquaintance of our personal details over social media and blogs sites also helps attackers to retrieve answers to security questions and deteriorate account securities.

    There are different ways for implementing multi-factor authentication like:

    • > Token Based Multi-Factor Authentication: The token issued by provider, which generates a specific code at a specific time and same code is used with username and password for authentication.
    • > OTP or One Time Password: A onetime password, is sent as a text message on mobile phone and it is used with username and password for authentication.
    • > 3rd Party Random Password Generator: Multi-factor authentication using random password generated by third party application like Google Authenticator.

    Amazon offers 3rd Party Random Password Generator and Token Based Multi-Factor Authentication. 3rd Party Random Password Generator  is free to configure and to gather implementation details about Amazon Multi-Factor Authentication using 3rd Party Random Password Generator visit here.

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