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    |  Oct 17,2018

    We are learning, adopting and enhancing our dimensions to bring-up a more innovative world. Education plays a vital role in all this and offer enhanced insights to the educational world. Below here we have provided high level advantages that enables any school/university not only resolve the curiosity between students and teachers but also achieve insights for performance, culture, mentor-ships, outcomes, early-forecast, etc. Advance education analytics system can:

    1. Enable Culture that Promotes Perfection
    2. Empower Teachers to Empower Everyone
    3. Keep Small Problems Small and Provides Bi-Directional Support
    4. Understand Data Language to Gain Insights
    5. Predict/Forecast Results before it appears
    6. Identify key driving factors and their impacts

    Analytics system designed to assist Managing Committee, President, Vice President, General Secretary , Director, Principal, Administrator, Teachers, Students, Parents.

    Leadership Board

    1. Financial Reports: expenses, profit/loss statements
    2. Stories at multiple levels (Student, Teacher)
    3. Compare classes within any grade to evaluate teachers
    4. Future Forecast – Financial Performance, HR attrition
    5. Student demographics
    6. Survey – Gather feedback from students, parents, and staff
    7. Social Media Browser – Scrape social media data regarding your school
    8. Sentiment Analyzer – Gauge public sentiment on any topic
    9. Admission dashboard: Enrollment, % Accepted, etc.…
    10. Make comparison at the grade level (to evaluate curriculum)
    11. Faculty turnover report
    12. View Faculty education levels
    13. Compare to other school districts, states, national averages, and even internationally
    14. High level overview — View the performance of a batch of students over many years
    15. KPIs –monitor key values to determine the health and progress of your school

    Teacher Board
    1. View a Classroom Snapshot (growth and proficiency of entire classroom)
    2. Track development trends of individuals and entire class
    3. Track if students and class are meeting school-level goals
    4. Track test results
    5. See where students are facing greatest challenges
    6. Can drill down to individual student
    7. Monitor extracurricular activities of students
    8. KPIs –monitor key values to determine the health and progress of your class
    9. Survey – Gather feedback from students and parents
    10. New teachers can see data for previous years for their class and individual students
    11. Can compare with other classes of same grade (same school, school district)

    Student Board
    1. Student Story – A dashboard of a student’s academic life
    2. Students can track their own proficiency and growth
    3. Students can see if they are achieving school-level goals
    4. Students can view results of exams
    5. Students can track their own development trends
    6. Students can see if they are achieving school-level goals
    7. Students can compare themselves to peers (by class, grade, district, etc…)
    8. Drill down into reports for more detail

    Prediction Board
    1. Predict if a student will solve a problem in their first attempt. (Given a problem ID, brief description, student ID, time-stamp and how many attempts the student took to solve the problem in the past, the solution predicts if a student will solve a given problem).
    2. Predict a student’s performance in Subject. (This solution compares different classifier models to predict a student’s performance in Subject.)
    3. Predict the likelihood of a student dropping out.

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