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    Telematics has emerged as the backbone of Automobiles Industry in last few decades. It has always been at the forefront in continuous enhancements leading up to better safety, reliability and diagnostics of the vehicle. General Motors (GM) took the lead in commercializing it in 1986. Since then, tremendous amount of vehicle data is generated every second around speed, emissions, distance, driving behaviors, fuel consumption, environment, positioning, road conditions etc.

    We enable automobile companies to build applications that helps to gather, process, analyze and act on vehicle data. This led to auxiliary stakeholders (banking, insurance, transport authorities, etc.) of the industry to take note and leverage powerful insights locked within this behemoth called Telematics.

    Extended solutions include:

    • Analysis using predictive maintenance.
    • Near Real Time (NRT) tracking of driving behaviors.
    • Enabling evidence based ratings.
    • GoLive with serverless infrastructure.

    Our consulting and engineering team support clients in their quest to unlock the information with intelligent bespoke solutions ranging from automating data collection across various sources to performing analytics on the harvested data.

    • Driving habit analysis and evaluating driver safety scores.
    • Diagnosis and optimizing vehicle performance.
    • Continuous monitoring and control over vehicle health reports.
    • Predicting components failure.
    • Optimizing vehicle performance, enhance vehicle reliability and safety.
    • On-demand scaling.

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